6 Tips to Sell your Home Fast and for More Money

6 Seller Tips to sell your San Diego home for more and faster

Do you want to sell your 🏡home 🔜fast 💨and for top 💲💰💲 ???

We are John and Elizabeth Finley 👫with The Finley Group of Del Mar Realty Associates.

Here are 6️proven tips to sell your 🏠home fast and for top 💵!!

#☝️1) Create Appeal- Start with curb appeal, including landscaping, doors, fixtures, anything that buyers see upon approaching your front 🚪door. You want to make an AMAZING first impression🎊😀!

#✌️2) Enchant them 😍! The entry should generate some 💥🔥excitement or drama 🎭 . Create a focal point with an over-sized mirror or a dramatic piece of 🖼 art, strategic lighting or even fresh 💐 flowers🌺 💐. Not all at once, though. Choose just a few of these items to enhance the entry.

#3) Refresh-Update anything you can that looks worn or 😴tired 💤. Sand and finish hardwood floors to make them 💥pop🧨and 👀look like new. 🧽 Clean 🧹🧼or repair the carpet, epoxy the garage floor, or pressure 🧼wash the stone flooring, if needed.

#4️) Decor- Make sure it’s dialed *️⃣#️ in. You want to accessorize lightly . Create a focal point with an over-sized mirror or a dramatic piece of art now, pieces in this style would be 👍🏻a real positive👏🏻👏🏻🎊. Things like furniture, lamps, succulents. These can all help bring the 👀look 👁current.

# 🖐5) Upgrade– Perhaps get new stainless steel appliances. With their sleek look, it adds the commercial look of perceived value. Install a glass front 🍷 wine 🍷cooler for a bit of sex appeal.

#6️) Reorganize- Remove the clutter. You want to accessorize lightly. Leave nothing on the floors!! Organize closets with a new closet system or, at minimum, clean them up.

These 6 tips will help you sell your 🏠 home quickly and for more 💰money. Keep an 👁eye out for more videos featuring 👍🏻 great 🏡seller tips.

We are John and Elizabeth 👫Finley with The Finley Group of Del Mar 🏡Realty Associates, let us know how we can serve you!

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