5 Tips to getting your offer accepted

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5 Tips to getting your offer accepted

Hey, guys 👋 . What can you do to make sure your offer get accepted in a non-multiple offer situation⁉️We have 5️  tips to getting your offer accepted.

Tip number one ☝️Use an experienced lender that has been highly 🙌🏻recommended so listing agent has confidence that transaction will close. A lot of transactions fall apart, so a good lender is a big part of the 🧩 puzzle.

Tip number two ✌️ Write reasonable offers, so the sellers will take your offer serious as some sellers will not even respond to low 🏀ball  offers.

Tip number three 3️  Make sure the earnest 💰money amount is at least 1% of the purchase price. The higher⬆️ your percentage, the better off you are. Remember, this is skin in the game, so a larger amount is more appealing to the seller.

Tip number four 4️ Understand that closing costs and prepaids are a buyer’s cost, not the seller’s, so don’t expect the seller to pay💰 for all your closing costs. Sellers will contribute sometimes, but remember, the more you ask the seller to pay, the weaker your offer will be.

Tip number 🖐five, Be fast💨, and don’t think about it too long. Remember, the 🏡 house that you like, other buyers will like as well. The early bird 🦅 gets the worm🐛 , so don’t let another buyer get your dream home🏠 . Stay tuned as the next video we discuss will be on how to win 🏆 multiple offers!

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